Welcome to Migiroff Family

Here at Migiroff family we want to welcome you into our world of business and Migiroff Ltd.

Migiroff Ltd. is our privately held company, formed in 1999 as a vehicle to help other businesses and individuals achieve goals and improve their business results.

Having a rich family business history starting with our great-great-grand-father and his brothers who has build many different businesses in Russia such as pharmacies, wineries, fur and clothing factories, a horse farm, at one point before the revolution in 1917 an auto manufacturing plant and many others. However all of this was gone in the blink of an eye, when a socialist’s revolution came to Russia, for many years, we have been forced to stay behind the scenes, hide our ingenuity and creativity, until finally, the Perestroika came along and allowed our family to go back to our true roots and rebuild our selves once again, only more so.

We know what it means to be up and down and up again, and in modern economic times we think it will be a great idea to share with others our knowledge, our resources and our business building experience, in tough times and in good times alike, so we can all prosper together, for the betterment of a human kind.

This is why today by bringing our vast business experience and financial resources to the forefront of business expansion, innovation, research and development, Migiroff Ltd hopes, plans, and creates many business opportunities and work places, where businesses and individuals can flourish, and build future for themselves, their families, companies, business partners and employees.

Eugene Migiroff

President and CEO